Why I am all in on the Apple ecosystem

So, I’ll admit, over the last year or so I have turned into a bit of an Apple fan-boy.

Okay, maybe it goes a little further back than that….

Having had enough of PCs, I saved up and purchased a MacBook Pro for myself in 2018 and it is a move I have not looked back at. The computer is significantly more stable than any PC I have used is, and it is great for photo editing.

Fast forward to January 2021 and Telus ended up giving me an offer I couldn’t turn down, which saw me jump back to an iPhone, and upgraded to an iPad for less money than I was spending on just my monthly Bell Mobility bill.

My work computer is a MacBook as well.

In 2021, Lynn and I also made the decision to get rid of the satellite, and move exclusively to streaming services for our television, which has succeeded in further saving us money every month. To use the streaming services we ended up purchasing an Apple TV box, which also seamless integrates into the ecosystem.

The most recent foray into the Mac ecosystem is an Apple Watch, third edition which I got for my birthday.

What blows me away with the Mac digital ecosystem is how interconnected it all is. There is an app I use on my iPad which essentially turns it into a never ending legal pad with which I can take hand-written notes. Those notes are than wirelessly shared between all my devices, including my work Mac, my MacBook Pro, and my iPhone. This makes life really nice and simple when I go to take those notes and use them to write my stories for work.

The Apple Watch is nice as well, as it seamlessly integrated into things. It has replaced my Fitbit as a fitness tracker, but can do so much more. Email. Calendar tracking. Texting. Messenger. Slack. Music control (when my music is playing through car audio).

My previous experience with Apple products was the iPhone 4S, which is going back several generations. Lynn has loved her iPhones throughout, though.

While I was underwhelmed with the 4S, I am glad Lynn managed to talk me into coming back to Apple. As a creative type, the inter-connectivity between the devices is unparalleled.

Photos I edit on my MacBook Pro can be displayed on the Apple TV. Notes I take on the iPad can be carried over to my MacBook. Calendar reminders for interviews can get pushed to my watch. Television shows I start watching on the Apple TV I can continue watching on my other devices. Photos from my camera can be uploaded to my MacBook Pro then edited on my iPad then sent to my MacBook to be filed with a story.

Prior to going all in on Apple, I was an Android person. My computer was a PC, and my phone and tablet were both Android. While Android had some of the same characteristics where it comes to the interconnectivity, they do not hold a candle to Apple’s ecosystem.

For anyone who is a creative, be it an author , photographer, videographer, or digital artist, I would say that the despite the higher initial costs, the Apple ecosystem is where one should invest their money.


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