Another course down…

So, a lot has happened in the three weeks since my last post.

Work has been continuing to push me and challenge me in positive ways, and with the health restrictions across the province I’ve been given the opportunity to cover more and more events.

At the end of March, I completed the English course that had been dogging me. I wrote the final exam after a couple of weeks of intensive study, and between the mark on my third assignment and the final exam I was able to pull my overall course mark up to a solid B+.

With April being incredibly busy, with the added complication of Calgary Expo, I held off starting my next course until May 1. The course I selected is the next course in Canadian Communication studies, which I am looking forward to.

Unfortunately, things have not been all fun and games. I ended up catching the plague at the tail end of March. I’ve had worse colds, but it did knock me around around for a few days regardless. I’m bouncing back fast though, completed my isolation last weekend, and now still just have a bit of a cough.

Fortunately, I recovered when I did, as my community’s Mental Health Gala was hosted last night and I was able to attend. The speaker for the event was former NHL goaltender Clint Malarchuk.

Malarchuk is the former Buffalo Sabres net minder who famously survived having his jugular and carotid cut when a player’s skate connected with his neck during a home-game in the late eighties.

From what I was told, Malarchuk’s presentation was scheduled to last 45 minutes, and he well exceeded it. The entire presentation, including a question and answer session, lasted just short of two hours. Malarchuk spoke on his struggle with mental health, most notably depression, OCD, and for-years-undiagnosed post traumatic stress.

I could definitely relate with a lot of what he had to say when put beside my own mental health journey.

The upcoming week is going to busy.

I’ll have paper layout and proofing on Monday and Tuesday. I have a council meeting to cover on Wednesday, then Thursday I’m only working a half-ish day as I am heading down to Calgary to pick up a friend who will be spending a few days with us over Easter until Expo.

Over the Easter weekend I will hopefully be able to get a bit of downtime.

Aside from getting hit by COVID, I am feeing well. The last few months have flown by. I’m doing a job that I love and am feeling motivated by it. Mentally, I don’t know how long it’s been since I have been in this headspace. I’m grateful.


One response to “Another course down…”

  1. ELizabeth Wezelman Avatar
    ELizabeth Wezelman

    Wonderful news Kevin. Glad all is going well for you and you have recovered well. Still important to take time to just be, hard with the demands and expectations, but essential to continued good health. You know this, I am just saying, “I care”.


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