Feeling fortunate…

This has turned into a crazy week…

Aside from a doctor’s appointment on Monday, the day was pretty light. I got some reading done for school, and got my first assignment done and submitted for my communications course.

Tuesday is where all hell broke loose. I had a pair of meetings on Tuesday, as well as taking some photos at the junior rodeo series being held in Stettler for three Tuesday evenings in August.

Wednesday, things didn’t get much better. I was home for most of the day while the local heating company replaced our rather ancient furnace with a new high-efficiency one, which should hopefully give us some savings in gas costs come winter. I had several interviews and editted B’s Friday morning devotional for Facebook. That evening, I headed out to Coronation to take photos at the Royal Rumbull Professional Bull Riding event, which made for a late night.

Today, I had another interview, as well as a council meeting to cover this evening.

Fortunately, with how busy I have been this week, Lynn has taken pity on me and managed to arrange coverage for my usual Friday shift at the store, giving me an opportunity to get some writing and photo processing done. Several of these stories I’m working on need to be done by Monday, so I’m starting to feel the time crunch.

I did speak to to Dr. M. at the centre today. He’s generally happy with how I am doing, and is uncomfortable making any drastic changes to my current medication regime. That said, he is backing one of my evening pills a little bit, and considering adding another medication which should help-counter the weight-gaining effects of a couple medications I am on. In our chat today, I told him that with my regime as is, I am having a hard time losing weight.

Unfortunately, depending on what he sees in my recent lab work, he may not add the medication though. My liver enzymes jumped up a few months ago, and while they have stabilized, they are still high which means adding an extra medication, causing additional stress on the liver, may not be a good idea. He said he is going to review things and have a discussion with his pharmacy staff, letting me know the verdict tomorrow.

I’m trying not to let myself get too stressed as far as the lab work goes. I know that things are off, but I also know I am working my ass off to try and correct things. I’m working out at least three to four times a week on my off weeks. Other weeks, I’m managing to get seven days in. My diet, while not great, is not horrendous either.

As for how busy I have been, I’m not going to lie. It has been a bit stressful. However, it has been a good stress. I’ve been maintaining well. I’ve been accomplishing a lot. I’m feeling good. Hell, Dr. M. didn’t even suggest I go in for my usual tune-up, instead opting to adjust my meds a bit at home and see how things go. Like he says regularly, I know where he is if I run into problems.

I’m happy to be where I am, doing the job that I am. I feel fortunate that I have fallen into this role. I feel fortunate that I can make a difference. I feel fortunate that I have the support I do.


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  1. Sounds like things are stabilized,that’s a good thing!Take care and have a great weekend!👏👏👍🥰


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