Using media in all aspects of life…

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With back-to-back meetings yesterday, as well as having to deal with the vet due to all three of our critters being ill, I didn’t have a chance to do a post.

Continuing the theme of media use, I did have a realization, though.

During the first of my meetings yesterday, I realized how tied to various forms of media my job is. For instance, the meeting I had observed yesterday, in my role as a journalist, was streamed online via YouTube, just one of many new-media platforms. Because of this technology, this platform, I am able to observe the proceedings in the next community without having to leave my home office.

Another form of media is a form I create myself, via audio recordings. Once I get consent, most of the interviews I conduct for my stories end up getting recorded. Once the interview is over, I pull up a notepad on my computer and the audio clip, and transcribe the interview. This transcription is what many of my stories gets based on.

This exercise has definitely made me appreciate the amount of media we use in our lives. Media is literally everywhere we look. Books. Magazines. Television. Newspapers. Music. Even the poster’s advertising a barbecue in town are a type of printed media. Try as any of us might, it would be very difficult for anyone in this day and age to avoid media use in any given day.

Not that this is a bad thing. The role that has given me the most satisfaction and meaning since I left working on the ambulance is directly tied to print media: being a journalist for my local community newspaper.

Though challenging, this role has been well suited for me, and through it I know I am directly positively affecting my community, and for that I am grateful.


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  1. Always look forward to your posts!


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