Getting back into things

Photo From July 10, 2021 Ranch Rodeo, Stettler, Alberta

Well, today has definitely been a day.

With the restrictions more or less fully off across Alberta, events are are starting to happen again, which has been nice. It’s nice to actually be getting out and covering things for the paper, and I know that the people putting on these events are appreciative of the coverage.

I will admit though, it can make for long days. I was out of the house by 10 a.m. this morning, headed to Stettler. My first stop was at the local Ford dealership which was hosting a show and shine. There was some nice cars on displace, including a 1926 Ford Model T Roadster! I got a look at the new Mustang Mach-E, the electric version of the car. It looks sleek, but it is not a Mustang. For starters, the Mach-E is a four-door, not a coupe. It looks more like a crossover than a sports car. Still, it does look like a slick ride. Another car of note, parked beside the Mustang was a McLaren, another slick looking car.

After I grabbed photos at the show and shine, I headed over to the Stettler Agricultural grounds, and set up for a ranch rodeo which was being held today. Unlike a rough stock rodeo, which features bronc and bull-riding, a ranch rodeo is more focussed on usual farm chores, such as sorting cattle out of a herd, team-penning, and loading selected cattle into a trailer. All the events are timed, and depending on the event teams had two or three minutes to get the job done. And, of course, fastest time won.

Aside from the rodeo, while I was in Stettler I ran a couple errands. I grabbed myself another set of work out clothes, because it seems like I’m always running out. I ended up grabbing a pair of Under Armour shorts and a shirt. As an added bonus, the shorts were on sale for 30 per cent off, so I couldn’t complain about that. I also did a run to Walmart to grab a card a small gift for Lynn for her birthday, as I found out that the actual gift I ordered for her won’t be here until February 2022. Doh!

After the rodeo finished, and Lynn finished at the store, a couple friends, one of which has a birthday within a couple days of Lynn, picked Lynn up, and brought her into Stettler for a birthday supper. We ended up eating at a relatively new place in Stettler called East to West Lifestyle Pub. It is definitely more expensive than the average place in Stettler, but the food was worth every penny. To be honest, it was some of the best seafood I’ve had outside of the coast. The only comparable seafood I’ve had is a restaurant on the water in Campbell River, B.C., which serves fish caught fresh the same day.

After supper, Lynn and I headed home, and I headed downstairs to get a workout in. I’ve re-introduced weights into my workout program, and today was a weight day. I start off doing thirty minutes of fast-paced cardio, then transition to the weights for another thirty minutes, give or take. I’m not noticing a real notice on the scale yet, but I am noticing a big difference in my pacing. My pacing has steadily been improving over the last couple of week.

Mentally, I’m feeling good. For a change, I feel like I am maintaining really well. However, I’m also building in a bit of time here and there for me to relax, which is definitely something new for me. Honestly, the exercise regime has been helping as well. Things seem to be firing on all cylinders, at least as far as my mental health is concerned.

Since I’m on deadline for a couple of stories, I’m letting myself sleep in a bit tomorrow, then going to work in the office and get some work and studying done. Monday is a light day, with just a council meeting in the evening, so I’m hoping Monday I can take it more or less easy.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great day!👍😍


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