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How did we get past the middle of June already?

The last few weeks have absolutely flown by.

When I have weeks like I’ve had this week, that is not hard. This week has gone from zero to stupid in a heartbeat. Just because of how the calendar fell this month, I ended up with five meetings on my agenda in four days, on top of studying. Throw in a couple of interviews this week, and an event on the weekend, and it makes for a busy week.

On the bright side, next week has next to nothing on the calendar so far. That will give me a chance to get some stories written at any rate. I’ve already told my editor that aside from taking some photos at a weekend event, I am basically taking Saturday off.

Something that has surprised me though, is just how well I’ve been handling the insanity. While I’m definitely tired, I am functioning well. I’ve gotten a bunch of studying done, in and around my meetings. I’ve got several articles written already. I’ve even found time to get back into the workouts.

I picked up new runners to wear while working out, and they are already making one hell of a difference. As well, my heel is nearly healed up as well, from where the blister burst a few days ago. For my workouts, I have been taking it slow. I’ve been doing a five-minute warmup, fifteen-minutes at pace, five-minutes of cool down, and finished with five-minutes of stretching.

I do want to get back into my longer workouts, but between recovering from the injuries and general reconditioning, I’m starting off slow and building up to it. I feel that if I can manage thirty minutes a day for at least five-days in a week for a couple weeks, I will be able to start increasing the endurance.

Mentally speaking, I’ve already noticed a difference with get back into the treadmill routine. I’m finding that even with the crazy schedule, my moods are staying more level, and my mind just feels that little bit sharper.

I do know that I can’t maintain this pace indefinitely; fortunately it’s only for the week, before things slow down again. Things will slow down even more once I write my twentieth century history final exam in the 28th of the month. I won’t be resting too long though, as I’ve already registered for my next course, which is commencing on July 1st.

I sincerely feel that as long as I don’t have many more weeks where everything is piled on, I am in a good situation to handle a two course load, as well as work. The trick I’m finding is breaking things into bite-sized chunks. Focusing on everything I have going on is an easy way to get myself overwhelmed. Focusing on the fact that this is temporary and things slow down again soon me manage the stress. Also, building myself some downtime, after I have had a crazy week is a game changer as well. It gives me something to look forward to.

Someone once told me that if something looks crazy, it probably is. And yes, this week is crazy, definitely. However, I’m at the point in my recovery where I can handle a little bit of crazy every now and again.

Thanks for following along.


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