Best laid plans…

As much as I try to slow down, the void in time always seems to be filled with something else that needs my attention.

This month, I have deliberately stepped back from my writing for the paper and have been working on getting back into my school work. I got my essay submitted, and I am waiting with bated breath on my mark. In the mean time, I’ve completed module eight of 14, and have started on module nine.

These two modules are somewhat smaller, meaning I can get through them quicker, but module ten looks like it is going to be a beast.

I haven’t looked through the module for my prose course yet, but I think that will be on the agenda today.

Outside of the office, I’ve had some stuff to do at the house. I made arrangements with a friend to get his kids to clean up the back yard for us last Saturday, and we also had a surprise on the driveway Sunday morning. When we came out of the gate to head to church, the old-school television antennae that was mounted on the roof decided to detach itself throughout the night. Apparently we head a pretty heavy windstorm sweep through the area. Fortunately, the damn thing came down right beside the house, and didn’t hit either of the vehicles.

I got up on the roof Sunday after church to plug the holes with roof patching material, and last night with Lynn’s help we disassembled the antennae, getting it ready to take to the dump.

As far as work goes, this week is somewhat lighter than most recently. I have a couple of town meetings this week, and that’s about it. Friday, I am heading to Edmonton, weather permitting, for a photoshoot.

Yesterday was a long day. We had our new to us vehicle in to Dodge getting some factory warranty work done before the warranty expires in June. We had a sensor in the drivers door crap-out, and a couple of other minor issues that we were able to get repaired. Unfortunately, a two hour repair job turned into four, so I spent my afternoon cooling my jets at the dealership. However, things seem to be running smoothly now. I’m glad we were able to get the items covered under the factory warranty, though we do have an extended warranty on the vehicle which would have done most of the same repairs, however we would have had to pay a deductible. With all the high-tech bells and whistles on the vehicles, we figured that the extended warranty would be prudent.

I did manage to get out into the county on Sunday, doing some photography, which was a nice diversion.


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