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I can’t believe it has been over a week since I’ve written last.

After my quick trip to Saskatchewan last week, I travelled home last Friday, and haven’t stopped running since.

The last week has been pretty busy, with interview and photos last Saturday and catching up on some work Sunday.

Monday was my quietest day, with a doctors appointment and a meeting that night. Tuesday was a quick trip to Stettler for an appointment. Wednesday was all-day meetings, and Thursday I spent most of the day in Stettler getting one of the vehicles worked on, thankfully under warranty, though it does have to go back on Monday to get a bit more work done.

The doctor appointment I had Monday was a bit of a wake up call.

I’ve kind of let myself go over the last few months, gaining a ton of wait. As a result, both my sugars and my liver enzymes have gone off the rails. The doctor sent me for an ultrasound, which got done on Tuesday and, thankfully, nothing serious was detected, just fatty build-up in my liver. The only real treatment for that particular condition is weight-loss, which will help my sugars as well.

To that end, I’ve started tracking my intake using the Fitbit app again, and have been working on hitting at least 8000 steps a day. I know the goal is supposed to be 10,000, but with everything else I have going on as far as work and school go, I think 8,000 is a good compromise, at least for now.

My goal is to re-introduce my daily treadmill workouts for a week, before transitioning into a split workout, doing cardio everyday, and introducing weights every other day, similar to what I was doing before. I’ve concluded that this regime will be the best for me, as when I miss workouts for a day, that tends to turn into two, which turns into four. Doing a light workout everyday is definitely more effective for me.

Work on my twentieth century history course is ongoing as well. I spent a couple days earlier in the week finishing off and editing my next assignment for school. It still needs a bit of work, but it is nearly ready to submit. It’s a bit later than I would have liked to submit it, as I was planning for last Sunday, but it is what it is. I plan to submIt it by the end of the day today, which means I should get it back by sometime next week. Considering I just passed the two-and-a-half month part of the six month course, I am still doing fantastic for time, and am not going to rush it, ensuring I get it done right.

With everything going on in my life right, between work, school, and fitness regime, I’m not sure that I will be writing quite as frequently as I was, but I am aiming to write at least a couple of well-written blog posts per week.


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  1. Wishing you all the best!


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