Picture Taking…

I’m appreciative that it is the tail end of what turned into another fairly steady work-week.

For school, I finished my latest module and am now at the 50 per cent mark of the twentieth century course I am working through. I’ve decided that I am going to pick up the additional English course come June 1 as well.

As far as work goes, I cleaned up a few articles that were outstanding for my editor, and picked up a couple of additional ones as well, which is good.

On the photography front, I managed to head out a couple times in the last week, managing some -in my humble opinion- fantastic shots, which I will be posting to Instagram and Facebook over the next couple weeks.

Managed to capture images of my first moose on April,21,2021.

On the first night, Lynn came with me again, and we were cruising down the back roads when we stumbled upon a moose, pictured left. I have seen moose in person before, mainly while I’ve been trying to avoid them on the highway, but this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to see one while out picture taking. Lynn figures that the moose is question was likely a female yearling, which I have no reason to argue. She stuck around for a good while, and I managed to get some good photos of her, despite losing light quickly at this point.

Another first for me happened on my next excursion. Some friends sent me a message on Messenger letting me know that their fields had been inundated with sandpiper cranes, if I wanted to come out and take some pictures. Apparently, these particular fields are part of their usual migration route in the spring and fall. I had yet to see them in person, so I decided to grab my gear and head out.

A sandpiper crane poses for the camera. April 22, 2021.

While I got a few shots of individual crane’s such as the one to the right, there were quite literally thousands of the creatures spread out over a few kilometres agricultural fields in the region.

It felt good to be out taking pictures again. The fact that I’ve been as happy with some of them as I have has been a nice bonus. I think I’m going to spend some time over the next while and get some images printed for sale. I think some of the ones I have could probably make me some cash.

Mentally, I’m definitely feeling better than I was a week ago. I’m sleeping well, and managing to maintain productivity, though Lynn has cautioned me that I need to slow down a bit. She’s not wrong, but I think I am finding a fairly balanced position in the midst of everything I have going on. I’ve even been getting some time to curl up on the couch with Lynn and catch up on some of our shows.

The only really frustrating thing I’m dealing with is the lack of making time to workout. My days have been such that I’ve been going pretty good, and just have not been able to find the time. Considering the health issues I deal with, that is something I need to change. Besides, I know how much the workouts help my mental health.

It’s something to work on over the next couple weeks, anyways.

The next week appears like it’s going to be similar as last week, with not a lot going on, but having time to clean up the odd piece for the paper here and there, as well as work on my course. Now that I am at the 50% mark, I need to start on the first of two assignments. While they have no official due date, I need to get the assignment done before I move on to the next module, so I am going to give myself a couple weeks to get it done. I’ve already got the documents I need printed out, so I can go straight to work reading and mind-mapping how I’m going to write it.


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  1. Love the pics!👍🥰


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