Getting back into the groove…

The Village of Halkirk, with the sunset behind. April 14,2021. Kevin J Sabo photo.

Well, it’s been a day.

The bad news?

Two back to back meetings, both of which went longer than normal to cover for the paper.

The good news?

I did manage to get out for a walk with the dogs for a bit this afternoon, and the two meetings have given me plenty of material to write about for the next couple weeks worth of Stettler and Castor papers.

Still, with the two meetings back to back it does make for a long day.

A sliver of a moon rises over Castor, Ab, on April 13, 2021

On the bright side, I’ve only got another couple of days before things start slowing down again, and next week appears as it is going to be a pretty light agenda, which I think I am going to do my utmost to keep that way.

I’m not complaining about being busy though.

Coming out of the depressive episode I was in, I’m feeling better. I feel like I have energy, drive, and motivation again. Days like today can challenge that, but overall I am feeling good. Much better than over the last two or three weeks.

Being busy is also a blessing, because it keeps my mind from wandering towards the dark recesses of my mind. I’ve also been shooting a bit again. Not much, just the odd photo here or there, but it is still something.

I’m planning to, as I perk, get back into these things that I really enjoy, as well as focus on my studies. More to come…


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