A much needed confidence boost…

Today has been one of the most productive and highest energy days that I’ve had in weeks.

I managed to stay busy most of the day working on various projects, and then I did an introduction to the photography editing software I use, Adobe’s Lightroom. While not quite a train wreck,. the session definitely did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. Oh well, it’s definitely a learning curve.

I’m doing one more night of the photography editing next Tuesday again, this time doing a basic introduction to Adobe’s Photoshop. Aside from my Microsoft Office products, these two Adobe products are probably my most heavily used programs. Playing with the photos again, in teaching the course, really emphasized my need to get out taking pictures again. It has been too damn long.

Overall, I’m feeling a lot better mentally. I’m feeling like I’m getting rested, and moods and emotions are getting back into the normal range again. It is definitely a process, but one that I am getting better at navigating.

I’m glad I’m perking up, because this week has definitely been getting busier than anticipated.

I had a meeting to cover last night, and a pair of back to back meetings tomorrow. I also had an interview today, another on Thursday, and a third on Friday. My schedule has taken off anywhere near as bad as it was in March, but I’m glad it is staying a more steady level of busy. Also this week, I need to find time to work on my next -mercifully short- module for my history course, and get Friday’s video edited. I had intended to to work on it today, however it just didn’t pan out.

Another solid indicator that my mental health is starting to bounce back is my creative writing. While I haven’t put word down in months, partially due to the fact that the one project I was working on completely disappeared, in the last couple of days I have actually been making notes and doing some outlining of a potential new project to start. The fact that I’m doing any creative writing work at all is definitely progress.

The last few weeks have been a rough ride, but I think I am pulling out of the storm. That in and of itself is huge confidence boost.


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