Laying low…

Old man winter had one more swing in him.

We woke this morning to a major spring storm. Though we didn’t get a lot of accumulation of the white stuff, the drifts were next level. We had a three-foot snow drift directly outside our back door which I had to force through just to put the dogs out.

It was definitely a good day to lay low at home. With the weather, Lynn decided to close the store today as well.

An interview I had booked for today ended up getting re-booked for tomorrow afternoon, as the person I was supposed to talk to didn’t end up making it into their office today. Oh well. It happens.

On the bright side today was nice and light.

I ended up finishing the next module in my twentieth century history course, which has me caught up, if not slightly ahead of where I am supposed to be, which is a good feeling. Aside from studying, I ended up doing some dishes with Lynn, and we watched a few episodes of FBI.

We tried a couple of episodes when the show first came out, but we didn’t end up watching it as we just couldn’t get into it. The show, now in its third season, has definitely changed since the first few episodes. It is a lot more intense, and a lot more engaging. I’m finding myself really liking it.

We ended up going back to the show for a couple of reasons. First, I ended up watching a couple of newer episodes while I was in Saskatchewan, and figured I’d suggest it to Lynn that we check out this season again. Secondly, Lynn and I are fans of the spinoff, FBI: Most Wanted.

I’m grateful for a quiet day. Being able to spend some time with Lynn is nice as well.

I know things are going to get busier again soon.


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