A relaxed, but productive day…

While not a full day off, today was definitely relaxed.

I had intended to take today off, having made arrangements for someone to cover sound at the church service this morning, and then veg on the couch and play video games or chill with Lynn for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that plan got derailed by a story I had nearly forgotten about that I needed to get written for tomorrow.

I ended up spending a couple hours working on the story and the accompanying photos, and got everything filed with my editor this afternoon.

This afternoon, I did fire up the Playstation 4 for a little bit. I’m back into the main campaign on Ghost Recon: Wildlands, a fun, but definitely flawed game. Still, it’s not the worst game I’ve every played, I just wish they had taken a bit more time polishing some of the aspects of the game, most notably the driving. Overall though, the game is a fun way to waste a couple hours.

Supper tonight was nice and simple, having left overs from a couple nights ago, and this evening we watched a movie. The movie is a Will Smith movie from 2017 on Netflix called Bright. The story takes place in an alternate reality, where magic and fairy tale creatures are real. Will Smith is one of the main protagonists, a cop working for the Los Angeles Police Department, who is partnered with an Orc.

While I enjoyed the film, it was definitely not the best I have ever seen. The gore at times was over the top, and some of the plot points were just confusing. Still, the movie was built on a solid foundation, with a very engaging story. Where the movie failed was in the execution.

As I said, the violence and gore was over the top.

One positive in the movie was a hard look at racial relations. Smith’s partner, the Orc, was the first Orc hired as a police officer anywhere in the United States, and he met many challenges fitting in with his peers. With race relations and racism at the foreground in today’s political environment, I feel the look through the lens of racism in the ranks of the fictional Los Angeles Police Department make the movie worth a watch…if you aren’t squeamish.

Overall, it was worth a watch, but I don’t think I’ll be watching it again. That said, if a sequel is produced I’ll likely watch it.

After the movie finished, I did some tidying in the kitchen, and then headed into the office to get a jump start on my course, which starts tomorrow.

All in all, it was a fairly relaxing, though productive, day.


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