Two years…

Today marks a somber anniversary in our home.

Two years ago we lost Lynn’s sister, who had a minor procedure done on her knee, then threw a blood clot and passed away a week later.

The two years that have gone by since her passing have been both astonishingly fast and agonizingly slow at the same time. I know Lynn still struggles with grief from the loss, something unlikely to change. Still, Lynn is healing, and we are moving forward with our lives, because we have no choice but to carry on.

Carrying on doesn’t diminish the grief we feel. We still miss Brenda everyday, and the fact that she is gone is hammered home every day when we rise, to be greeted by Taffy and Rolo, her faithful canine companions that came to live with us after her death. We honour her memory by giving the two dogs a loving and caring home.

The last two years have been wrought with challenge, but somehow we have made it through. Through the struggle of this loss, I learned how much strength I have, being beside Lynn and supporting her through what can only be described as a tragedy.

Brenda may be gone too soon, but her memory lives on in our hearts.

We miss you Brenda, but we know you are with God, and we will see you again, some day.


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