In good stead…

I am feeling somewhat relieved tonight.

I received an email from my school today, notifying me that my essay, which I agonized over for a month, was graded. The resulting mark was a much needed confidence boost.

The mark for the assignment was 84 per cent, which was consistent with the 82 per cent for my last assignment. With these two marks carrying me, I am in good stead to write my final exam in three weeks.

Completing another of my remaining four modules, I have three weeks to finish the last three modules and do revision, which again, has me feeling confident.

My schedule for the next three weeks is going to be somewhat consistent though. Chances are if I’m not doing stuff for work, I’m going to have my head in the textbook.

That said, I’m not forgetting to take time to look after myself. I’ve been hitting the treadmill pretty consistently, and have intention to bring weights back into the routine beginning next week.

The last couple of days have been busy, between studying, video editing, filming, and writing for work. Throw in a couple of board meetings the last couple of evenings as well, and it hasn’t been dull around here.

Tomorrow is going to be more of the same, though I have to adjust things a bit, since I have to both go in to the church in the afternoon to set up some new gear, and cover the bookstore for the last two hours of the day. Depending on any announcements from the province regarding pandemic restrictions that are in effect, I may have another story to write as well for work.

I know that the next three works are going to be a challenge. I also know that with where I am mentally and physically, I’m in a better spot to deal with that challenge than at any point in the last few years.


One response to “In good stead…”

  1. You’re a busy guy but remember we all need some down time!keep up the work!👍


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