Focusing on my skills…

Dec. 27,2020, Paintearth County

Today, I’m feeling content.

The day wasn’t overly strenuous, but it kept me busy.

I did some practise with Adobe Illustrator, wrote a column, and prepped some photos for my editor this morning. After lunch I had a meeting to cover for the paper, and then after that finished, I came home, laced up the runners and did thirty minutes on the treadmill before settling in to do some work for school.

I’m currently working on my second assignment for my 20th century history course, and to that end I had to read some documents and start coming up with a thesis for how they are all connected. In total I spent probably two-and-a-half hours on the assignment, reading and making notes. With any luck, I can take advantage of the quiet time from work and make some more headway before the end of the week.

The nice thing is I am not under a huge time crunch. I still have all of January and February to get the course finished, though if I intend to start my next course in March I have to have to be registered by the end of January. All in all, it should be doable. I’m definitely not feeling the time crunch that I had with my last course, which I still managed to finish under the wire.

This evening, after supper, I spent some more time playing with Adobe Illustrator, working on a design for Lynn for the book store.

Overall, I can’t complain about where I am at, mentally of professionally. I feel like I am in a good place, mentally anyways. As busy as the day was today, I actually found it relaxing.

Yes, I have a couple of articles to write, but they are not a huge rush, and now that I made it through the hectic period leading up to Christmas and have managed to get a few days of rest, I feel like I’m good to go.

I did have a cool experience today. I had someone reach out who had seen some videos I produced for some people in town, and he reached out asking about my camera and lighting setup for filming. When I have other videographers reaching out to me, I’m taking that as a sign that I am on the right track.

Tomorrow, Lynn and I are heading into Stettler to grab some groceries, and maybe do some vehicle shopping . Our venerable 2004 Ford Explorer is not long for this world, having issue after issue develop. The vehicle doesn’t owe us anything, but it’s definitely not worth the cost of repairing anymore.

Yesterday, I did attempt to get out and shoot some photos, unfortunately as soon as I got any distance from town I got socked in with fog. Still, I made the best of the situation and still managed to grab a couple of decent shots.

Oh, and as an update to my last post, Lynn and I spoke some more, and it looks like I’ll be moving my office downstairs after all, once we get that space cleaned up.


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