The tail end of a busy week…

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Well, it’s been a week.

Between work and church commitments this week, I’ve definitely been busy.

The good news is that I got all the videos shot and the video put together today, a full day earlier than I had planned. The bad news is that one of the videos didn’t end up making it into the final project because I goofed on a setting on our church’s sound board and the audio didn’t record properly. It had one audio track, but was missing two others.

Still, considering everything going on this week, coordinating the various shoots, keeping up with work, and getting the usual weekly devotional shot and edited, I think I’m allowed one screw-up. I do feel bad though. It’s something to remember for next time…and there will be a next time. Everybody was gracious about the error though, and they will sing that particular song live on Sunday.

Even with the insanity, I’ve been able to keep up with work though. I had three council meetings and a slew of other interviews to do, and while I am not completely caught up on my writing, I am in a pretty good position. I’ll have the majority of them completed by the end of the weekend.

Next week is looking a lot lighter. I had intended to take Monday and Tuesday completely off; however, between filming the Christmas Eve devotional on Tuesday and a pair of interviews on Monday for an early January edition of the paper, my plans have been changed. Still, the week is going to be much less busy than this week, and for that I am grateful.

The period between Christmas and New Years is going to be quiet as well. Thanks to the lock-down our province finds itself in, my usual post-Christmas assignments, such as the hockey tournament at the local arena, is on ice. I have one meeting on the Monday post Christmas, and then that will be it until New Years Eve.

A bunch of businesses in town, including my photography business, have pooled their money into a Covid friendly fireworks presentation at the local golf course on New Year’s Eve, which I am really looking forward to.

Aside from those couple of things, my goal that week is to make some major progress on my next university assignment, delve into my Adobe products a little more, and maybe make some progressing in cleaning up the space downstairs which I’m planning on converting into an office/YouTube studio. With my photography gear, reference books, and files, I have outgrown the upstairs space I’ve been using.

Going into 2021, I’m hoping to continue being busy with the newspaper, as well as building up my client portfolio for my photography, and starting to get serious about filming YouTube videos. As well, I have my 20th Century History course to finish, so I am definitely not going to be bored.

Thanks everyone for the support, and I look forward to continuing to create meaningful content for my various media.


One response to “The tail end of a busy week…”

  1. Wow,you are a busy man!just remember to be kind to yourself and take time for you!


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