Feeling inspired…

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The fatigue I’ve been feeling is starting to get old.

Yesterday was really bad. Today has been somewhat better, with the fatigue not starting to settle in until later in the day.

Today has been quiet. With the fatigue kicking my ass I mainly played low today, reviewing some old lessons from my Photoshop course and working some on my 20th Century History course. I have four modules left of this course, as well as one more assignment.

As far as work goes, today was an off-day. I made a couple of phone calls for a couple of stories I am working on, but since I never heard back I guess all I can do is try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks like another quiet day so I am hoping to head out into the back country and do some picture taking in the afternoon. It’s been way too long since I’ve gone out to do some picture taking for myself.,

Even though I haven’t been doing much of my own work, I have been watching a bunch of content on YouTube over the last few days, and I’m starting to feel inspired. I’m starting to feel that spark of creativity again.

With that spark, I’m starting to develop some ideas for my blog, and my own dormant YouTube channel. I’ve also bee starting to work on my creative writing project again, which is something that has fallen by the way side for the last few months.

Honestly, as good as I’ve been doing over the last couple months, aside from the fatigue, the one thing that has been missing has been my creative stuff. I haven’t published anything to YouTube in weeks, and even my blog has gotten to be less frequent. I know that real life takes precedence, but still I want to get back in touch with my creative side.

While I definitely do not want to copy what’s already been done by some of the other creators on the various platforms, I feel that I do have something to contribute, and the sparks of inspiration have been starting to percolate through my brain. If I can bring these sparks to fruition, some great things will be on the way.


One response to “Feeling inspired…”

  1. Keep it up Kevin,you’re doing great but remember you really need to take Kevin days and recharge!🥰👍👍


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