Comfort and growth…

I’ve said before that the only constant in life is change.

Dr. M and I connected for my six week post-discharge appointment. It was a good, positive, discussion and he agreed to follow up with me again in the middle of January, post holidays. The one thing that he did say, which has my brain working, is that since my last admission, he has switched units at the centre, and this is information which I am still processing, to be honest.

What does this information change for me?

Absolutely nothing, as long as I stay out of hospital. However, that said, his preference, and mine, is that if I do need to go in, it be under his care, which means I go to the new unit. For my admissions over the last few years, they have all been to the same unit. I know the staff, and they know me. Not that I have any plans of going back in any time soon, but the thought of that change terrifies me.

As scary as this change is, it could be a good thing. I have been to the same unit, with the same treatment team for years, and as much as I dislike to say it, it’s almost gotten comfortable. This change could be good, as, if I do need to go in, it will definitely push my comfort zone.

All that being said, unless it’s been an off year, I usually only go inpatient towards the end of summer or beginning of fall, which is a long way out. As well, with my last admission being under a week, I’m optimistic that I’m on the cusp of no longer needing these regular admissions. At least, a guy can hope.

David Goggins, a former SEAL turned motivational speaker, says that in order for the most growth in a person to happen, you need to push through you comfort zone. That philosophy is something that I have really tried to follow over the last couple of years, and to be honest, the last couple of years have been full of exponential growth.

As terrifying as the thought of a new unit in hospital is, if and when I do need an admission, it could be just what is needed to push me through my comfort zone, and into a position where I can finally put the centre behind me for the last time. That, after all, is the goal.


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  1. Sometimes change can be a good thing!


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