Learning balance and time management…

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on Pexels.com

This evening finds me in a contemplative mood.

Today was a pretty light day. I let myself sleep in, then did a few hours of coursework. I managed to finish off another module of my 20th Century history course, this time studying how Hitler used the 1936 Berlin Olympiad as a giant propaganda exercise. It was definitely interesting, especially now that I am starting to see how it connects with his overall rise to power and the lead-in to World War 2.

After I finished studying I hopped on the Playstation for an hour, continuing to work through my play-through of Red Dead Redemption 2. It still blows my mind at how vast the game world is and the secrets still contained within it.

I ended up covering the store for an hour-and-a-half this afternoon so Lynn could attend a doctors appointment. The store was pretty quiet, but did end up having a really good visit with an old friend, so that was nice.

This evening I had my writers group that we’ve restarted in Castor. I have two core people who are coming, however we are actively trying to recruit more. Tonight we started a course being sponsored by the book store on creative fiction writing. There are 24 thirty-minute lectures in the series, and we will be working through two of them a meeting until we get through them, and after that we have a creative non-fiction course lined up.

Starting the course has definitely whet my creative juices again, and it has been a significant amount of time since I’ve done any work on my creative writing project. That is something I need to get back into.

The only problem I have with jumping back into my creative writing is time. Between my photography, work, school, and my workout routine -now that my ankle is feeling better- I just have no idea where to find the time to do it. Still, the writing is the basis for everything I’ve been doing, and I feel like it is something I need to get back in to. I just need to make the time.

I think going through this creative writing course is going to help my writing, and I am excited to continue on with it.

It comes down to balance and time management, two things I have been notoriously bad at over the years. Still, these are things that I need to keep working on if I want to continue to grow. I’m already so much further ahead from where I was and I know that I can only continue to grow. It’s a matter of slow and steady winning the race. I need to manage my time, and keep doing what I’m doing.

I’m just grateful for Lynn. She has been my loudest cheerleader through everything that has gone on over the last few years, and I would not be at this point without her encouragement.

All of this has given me good for for thought. However, that is all it is until I execute and actually make things.


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