Waging a campaign of health…

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The last few days have continued to remain somewhat busy.

Yesterday was spent in the office, working on stories for the paper. I had three to do from earlier in the week, and I’ll still have more to do early in the week. I’m enjoying it though, for the time being at least.

This morning I spent catching up on photo-editing for a client from a couple weeks ago. It took me a solid couple hours, but I managed to get the last of this particular contract done and uploaded to my site.

I spent some time down at the store this afternoon, Lynn was hosting a book signing with a local author. I was there as much to show support as I was to cover it for the paper. Then after I got home, I got down to work on my assignment for school, and made some good headway.

Something I am happy about right now is the fact that as busy as I have been, I’ve been able to keep focus on my priorities, namely my physical fitness regime. I haven’t missed a day since I started this particular campaign.

I’m already beginning to see the pay off. My moods have been much more stable, and my pacing is continuing to increase on my treadmill workouts. Even my resting heart rate, which climbed considerably once I started this routine, is beginning to drop again, a sure sign that my cardiovascular health is improving.

I think the reason that I couldn’t stay on this particular routine the last time I tried it at the end of summer is because I wasn’t seeing results as fast as I would have liked and, to be honest, I got disheartened.

Watching a Jocko Willink motivational video the other day, he spoke about how self improvement isn’t a quick thing. Improvement and success don’t come overnight. Instead, it’s a campaign of putting in the work every single day.

I’ll be honest. That is something I lost sight of. It doesn’t help matters any that at the time my mental health was heading into a low point, as is usual at this time of year. Still, in the two weeks or so that I committed to the routine, I didn’t see any tangible results, and I got frustrated and gave up.

Over the last couple weeks, I have managed to regain my focus. No, I’m not seeing rapid results, but then again, this time around I am not looking for them. I’m looking for the subtle ones. I’m looking for the decrease in my resting heart rate. I’m looking for my pace on the treadmill to be slowly increasing over time. These are the bench marks that I have been using to gauge success, and it’s paying off.


One response to “Waging a campaign of health…”

  1. Sounds great,one day at a time,your doing great,keep up the good work!šŸ‘šŸ˜


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