Picking a lane…

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After a busy day yesterday, I am feeling bushed today.

With the help of a friend I took our two mattresses to the dump then picked up two replacements that Lynn managed to find for a good a deal on one of the local buy and sell groups. I have to say she made a good find. The new mattress in our room is way more comfortable than the rather aged one taken to the dump yesterday.

Aside from that running around, I got some laundry done, dishes done, watched some of my videos for school, and did just under two miles on the treadmill. Needless to say, by the end of the day I was freaking exhausted. I didn’t fall asleep as quickly as normal last night, I think due to the mattress being new, but I still managed to wake up at my new usual time, though in full disclosure, I through on another video for school and promptly fell asleep in my chair for an hour….

Still, I’m feeling good, though I am feeling stalled on my assignment for school. I have to write a 2000 word essay on one of two topics.

The first topic is a compare and contrast essay on the First World War novels “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque and “Generals Die in Bed” by Canadian author Charles Yale Harrison. The novels are first person narratives from the trenches during the First World War from opposing sides.

The second option for the assignment is to watch one of the videos from my course again, a PBS video called “The People’s Century: Lost Peace” about the aftermath of the Treaty of Versailles, and to watch the the video “Los Canadienses: The McKenzie-Papineau Battalion 1937-1939” published by the National Film Board of Canada about the Canadian contingent fighting the Facists in Spain, and compare the accounts of the volunteers.

I’ve read both the novels, and I’ve watched both the videos, and I’m not sure which direction I want to go. Writing on the novels seems like it would be the easier of the two assignments, however I’ve been doing some extra reading on the Canadians in the Spanish Civil War and it is a topic I am finding very intriguing.

I’m doing good as far as pacing of my course for the time being, however I can’t afford to let myself be stalled for very long. I need to pick a lane and begin work on the assignment, because it will likely take me a good couple weeks to work on.

Other wise things are good. I still have a bunch of photo editing to do from some shoots I did last weekend, and I still have some work stories to write, however things are feeling steady, if not busy. Now that Lynn is back home, I can shift gears and start focusing on my office work again.

I’m a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t manage to get a workout done for before church. I just couldn’t seem to get the lead out. I did end up restarting the video and actually managed to watch it without falling asleep again, so I did at least get something done. I’ll head downstairs after church and get it in this afternoon.


One response to “Picking a lane…”

  1. Sounds like things are coming together but remember to take some Kevin time,we all need breaks now and then!


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