Back in the groove…

I’m a week in to my new routine, and I’m feeling pretty good.

In the last week I’ve had one morning where things didn’t go quite as planned, where I ended up sleeping in until 0930. Aside from that, I’ve been successful in getting up in between 0600 and 0630; the last couple mornings I’ve even been waking before my alarm!

The early mornings have allowed me to get up and get my day started earlier. I haven’t been getting up and going directly into my day’s workout, however I am generally getting it started within 90 minutes of waking up. I’ve been needing the quiet time in the morning to wakeup, get breakfast and get some coffee into me.

Another change I’ve made is I’ve gone back to tracking my calories, and generally speaking I’ve managed to keep them within a couple hundred either side of my goals. Tracking the calories really makes me aware of what I am putting into my body, which should help with my overall goal of weight loss.

My pacing is already coming back with my workouts, with this mornings cardio workout coming in at just under two miles in forty-five minutes. I’m doing a forty-five minute treadmill workout on alternating days with a thirty-minute cardio workout and upper body and core weight routine.

I’ve been feeling a new calm since I’ve gotten myself back into this routine, and I am going to work hard at keeping it going. I’m six days into my 90-day workout goal, and I am off to a strong start.

Today is a pretty light day. A friend is helping me pick up a couple of new mattresses to replace both of our rather aged mattress and box-spring sets. Other than that I think I’m going to do some schoolwork and go through some photos for a client.


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