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The last few days have been pretty busy, so I’m happy that this beautiful holiday Monday finds me with a clear calendar.

It is Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, and I’m spending it with the dogs and cat. Lynn is still in Saskatchewan visiting her mom for another few days.

On this holiday Monday, I am thankful for a variety of things in my life.

I’m thankful for family and friends, people who have stuck by me no matter how chaotic or out of control I got.

I’m thankful for the health system we have that has helped me get to the point in recovery that I am at.

I’m thankful for the financial supports that are in place that allow me to focus on my health and wellness without having to really worry about money.

I’m thankful for my pets, because no matter how bad of a day I am having, they don’t help but to make me smile.

I’m thankful that God has led me to a new path in life, bringing me to photography and writing, allowing me to share my story with those who struggle both around the world and at home.

I’m thankful that I live in one of the most beautiful and free countries in the world, despite what the conspiracy theorists would have you believe.

It’s unfortunate that my Thanksgiving is away from family this year, I definitely would have liked to make the trek to Saskatchewan. However, schedules and commitments just wouldn’t allow it this time. Still, I was able to celebrate the holiday with friends yesterday, so that was nice.

Today I have left deliberately empty. Aside from possibly going out to take pictures with B this afternoon , my goal for the day is to get a work out in, do some reading, and maybe watch some more television, and basically let myself recharge from the last few days.

With Lynn being away until Thursday, I’m covering the store for two days this week, and I have some of my own stuff to do on Wednesday, so this week is going to be pretty busy as well. I’m not complaining though. I think I’m finally finding a good balance between work, school, and life in general. Things have definitely improved for me, even since my admission to hospital a couple weeks ago.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Kevin,take care!


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