A productive, quiet, day…

For a day with nothing planned, it sure turned out to be productive.

I was up early this morning due to a planned power outage that kicked out my CPAP machine, so I figured I’d get up lest my snoring wake Lynn -or the dead…-. I got up, played on my phone for awhile and dozed in my chair until a nine o’clock interview.

As a reporter I am well-versed in interviewing people, however it’s rare where I am the interviewee. That is just the position I found myself in this morning. I was interviewed by a member of the Alberta Rural health Professions Action Plan, an organization that works to keep young people entering the various health professions we in the province, for a look that they are doing into mental health in the province. I thought it was awesome to be able to share my story with them.

The interview took nearly an hour, then when that finished and with the power having come back on, I kicked back and watched some television before heading into the office to get some work done. I finished, and finalized, the images I am using for a 2021 calendar that I am having printed in very limited quantities this year, just to test the waters.

I should have a proof back of the calendars by this time next week, which I am pumped about.

This afternoon I was invited to take some pictures of a music entertainment taking place at our local seniors lodge, and then went out to the county to scout locations for photos that I am taking for a client tomorrow, and in the process managed to get an additional shoot booked for Sunday afternoon.

This evening I took some photos for friends and then fired up the PS4 for the first time in awhile.

Tomorrow, I’m covering the store, then taking photos for a client afterwards. Good times.


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