Wrapping up a busy week…

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This week has been full, though thankfully I am reaching the tail end of it.

There hasn’t been any single item on my to-do list that has been weighing on me; however, the combination of everything has made for a tiring week. Still, there is a difference between tiring and exhausting.

Tiring has me feeling accomplished, knowing I set goals and completed them. I also know with being tired that if I back off a bit and allow myself to rest I will recover quickly.

Being tired is not the same as the soul-sucking exhaustion I was feeling before my last admission, where it didn’t seem to matter how much rest I got, I did not seem to recover or feel rested.

Despite the challenges I’m still facing in my battle of getting up early, I am sleeping well, and when I do get up I am feeling rested and ready to take on the day. This is a big switch for me compared to even a couple of weeks ago.

My moods and concentration have both improved as well. Mood-wise I’m feeling much more level than I was before my recent admission, and my concentration has returned sufficiently for me to get back into my studies.

In my history course I am currently studying the Treaty of Versailles and how it inadvertently set the stage for World War 2. I’m finding this section of the course to be a fascinating area of study.

Work this week has kept me somewhat busy as well, with meetings to cover and articles to write. It feels good to be getting back into things. I just need to make sure that I don’t over do things.

In that regard, tomorrow should help. Aside from taking some photos for a friend tomorrow evening, and possibly an event to snap a couple pictures at tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow is pretty light. I’ll probably do some reading for school, but otherwise I’m planning on taking tomorrow easy.

Lynn heads to Saskatchewan for a week starting tomorrow, so it’s going to be me and the dogs for a few days, which I am okay with. Aside from covering the store for a couple days, I’ll have more than enough to keep me busy with work, school, and church commitments.


One response to “Wrapping up a busy week…”

  1. Sounds like things are coming together for you,just remember it’s okay to say No sometimes and make time for you!👍


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