Breaking things into pieces for the upcoming week…

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Today was a mercifully quiet day.

I was up early and got some work done on my creative work-in-progress which I haven’t worked on in well over a month. It felt good to make some forward progress with it again.

Later in the morning Lynn and I headed to church for the Sunday service. B did an excellent job as always with his weekly message.

After church Lynn and I did our usual Sunday thing of joining some members of church for lunch at the one local restaurant that is allowing dine-in customers.

The rest of the day I took to recharge. I watched a couple of murder mystery movies with Lynn, which was a nice way to kill what turned into a dreary afternoon.

I’m grateful for some downtime. With Lynn taking off to her mom’s place on Friday for the long weekend, this week is going to be hectic getting things done before she leaves. In addition, I have some interviews to do this week for work, some articles to write, and some running around to do in both Stettler and Alliance. Needless to say, I think my dance card is full.

Tomorrow is when things kick off. I have a bunch of phone calls to make in the morning, an interview at 9 am. I think tomorrow afternoon I am running to Alliance to get pet food, as well as making a stop at the library in the early afternoon. Tomorrow early evening I have a photoshoot to do.

Tuesday, I have a meeting in the morning then writing in the afternoon, then activities in the evening. Wednesday is catching up from Monday and Tuesday, doing a run to Stettler, and another photoshoot.

Writing everything down that I have coming up is daunting, but I know that by breaking everything up into bite-sized pieces I will make it through. The key will be making sure I get my sleep.


One response to “Breaking things into pieces for the upcoming week…”

  1. Try not to overdo,sometimes a person needs to say NO!Take care!


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