Taking pictures…

Today has been another quiet Sunday.

We had church this morning, then we headed home. I made pancakes for lunch, and we watched the nail-biter of the Dallas-Calgary hockey game. Unfortunately, Calgary came out on the losing end, but it was in overtime, and it was a tightly contested game.

After the game, I headed into the office to do some work and some studying. Today’s review consisted of the Fifteen Common Errors found in first year writing…Some of which I hate to admit, but I’m guilty of. Still, it was god review, though I am looking forward to having this course done.

After supper, I did something I haven’t done in quite a while: I headed out with the camera to take some pictures. I ended up going into the Northwest section of the County of Paintearth, near the old mine. I managed to get a few pictures of the mine’s shovels, which aren’t being used anymore since the power plant the mine fuelled as been converted to natural gas.

With the light starting to fade, I headed home on a gravel road that cut through the county and saw my first porcupine, which was neat. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any good shots of him, but I did manage a couple of okay ones.

Also on the way home, I stopped at a pond that always seems to have ducks on it and got a few pictures before light faded on me completely.

It felt good to get out taking pictures again. It felt good to get out and take some pictures for me, not always running around shooting just for the paper.

I definitely need to make it a point to get out again, soon.


One response to “Taking pictures…”

  1. Good for you!You need some Kevin time!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜


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