A day of (sort of) rest…

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I took a day away from my studies today.

That said, it wasn’t that I did nothing today.

We had church this morning, then went for lunch, just Lynn and I.

After lunch, we headed home, and I cut the lawn. More specifically, I cut the back yard….the front lawn looks like it had barely grown since I cut it last, which is funny considering the back yard was looking totally overgrown. On the bright side, with the wind and the heat we have had lately the lawn was nice and dry, and I managed to get a good chunk of the lawn done before the battery died.

After I finished the lawn, and since I was warmed up, I headed down to the basement and did a couple miles on the treadmill for my cardio day today. I finally managed to find the sweet spot on my wrist for my heart rate sensor on the Fitbit, and had a nice steady heart rate through my workout.

I managed to tire myself out pretty good, and spent a good chunk of the rest of the evening watching the seventh season of Castle, which we’ve borrowed from the Library.

I’m still enjoying the series, but the writers seemed to have been struggling a bit this season coming up with ideas, because some of the story lines so far have been…different.

Tomorrow, with the long weekend upon us, is going to be another fairly restful day. I’m intending on doing my weight workout and possibly some work in the office on my next assignment. Other than that, Lynn and I are heading to Stettler for a couple hours to grab pet supplies for the critters. We’ve transitioned Willow to a wet food diet to help reduce the crystals in her urine, which seems to be helping so far, but unfortunately the better quality food we are feeding her isn’t available in town, and we have to go to Stettler for it.

The rest of the week is looking like it will be pretty light as well, at least work-wise. There isn’t much going on in town for the next week or two, which is going to suck for content in the paper, but what can you do? I definitely can’t start making up stuff that isn’t there.

On the bright side, it will give me ample opportunity to work on my school stuff, which I am not going to complain about.


One response to “A day of (sort of) rest…”

  1. Sounds like a kinda restful weekend,love long weekends!


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