Cardio day

It’s only been a few days, but the work is already paying off.

Today was a cardio day, and I ended up doing one and three-quarter miles on the treadmill tonight, in forty-five minutes. The amusing thing is that I’m feeling more awake after the workout than I was before.

I’m working on slowly stretching out my workouts. I know jumping right back into the workouts I used to do would be unwise, which is why I’m slowly building up my endurance and pace again. When I started things back up, I started doing twenty minutes of cardio. That got bumped up to thirty minutes, then thirty-five, and now I’m up at forty-five for my cardio workouts. I’m planning to keep it at forty-five minutes for a week or so before I bump it up again.

My ultimate cardio goal with be sixty-minutes three times a week, with thirty-minutes of cardio and thirty minutes of weights for at least three days a week. I want to leave myself one recovery day, but in likelihood I’ll probably end up doing a lighter workout on that day as well.

I’m doing well. I know I’m doing well, although I have to admit it is a bit demoralizing, since I am basically starting from scratch as far as my weight goes. Still, I know I dropped the weight before, and I know I can again. I just need to keep my eye on the goal.

Aside from the workout, today has been pretty quiet. I filmed my Pastor’s weekly devotional video and got it edited and posted. It was a pain in the ass posting today. Facebook was being uncooperative as far as the upload goes. Ultimately, I did get it done, so that’s what counts.

After I got that finished I ended up firing up the Playstation for a bit, playing “The Outer Worlds.” It’s a fun, but quirky game. I don’t know how to describe it.

I’m grateful that today was as quiet as it was. Today has been a high fatigue day, to the point that I even went for a nap this afternoon. I’m not sure why the fatigue was bugging me so much today, and it’s definitely aggravating.

Still, the day was semi-productive. I went back and played with some of the skills in my Photoshop course. I’m starting to get the hang of them, it’s just going to be matter of practising them more.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be busier than I was anticipating. I have a work thing tomorrow at ten, and then I had an article drop in my lap tonight which is time sensitive, so I will be getting that one done as well. I’m going to try and get some reading done for my next assignment as well.


One response to “Cardio day”

  1. Good for you,we all need a good day!glad you’re back on the treadmill!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜


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