Paying off…

One thing I struggle to understand about myself is why I have such a hard time exercising. I know I always feel so much better after I’m done a workout.

I did take it somewhat easy this afternoon, but I did head downstairs for a workout, which felt awesome. The shoulder is a little stiff after the weights, but overall I’m feeling good. I’m actually feeling a level of calm that I haven’t felt in awhile. I know that working out the last couple of days has helped in that feeling.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m really hoping to incorporate more regular exercise into my daily routine, to offset the long hours I am spending at the keyboard due to school and work.

Speaking of school, I registered for my next university course this evening. I decided that I’m going to step away from the English and jump into the history component of my program for a course. I’ve chosen the first half of twentieth century history to be my first course. It will cover the years 1900 to 1950. I have to admit, I’m kind of psyched to start it. The start date for the course will be September first.

As for my other courses, I finished the reading for the final module of my writing course. Now I need to dig into the reading for the assignment. The final assignment is another 1200 word essay, where I practise analyzing another essay. It could prove interesting. I’m aiming to give myself three weeks to get the assignment submitted. That will take me into the beginning of August, and still leave me with some time to prep for my final exam, which has to be written by the end of the month.

Photography and Photoshop wise, I have reached the half way point of the Photoshop course, and I am rapidly approached the 3/4 mark of the photography course. I’m particularly excited about the next couple of classes, which are all about using flash. I anticipate there being some good information there.

I’m learning a lot with the Photoshop course as well. I knew Photoshop was a versatile program, but I had no idea quite how versatile. I have a broad range of new skills that I can use to edit photos now, and I know I will only improve with practise.

Everything I have been doing is helping me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. Admittedly, I sometimes still feel like an imposter doing what I’m doing, but that feeling is getting to be less and less. The time, energy, and investment I am putting into myself is paying off in spades.


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  1. Good for you,sounds like things are coming together!👍


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