Long days…

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Well, today has been a day.

It was long, but semi-productive. I spent most of the day listening to a hearing going on in our county, covering it for the paper. Can’t say it was my idea of a good time, but it was interesting. Unfortunately, there’s a second part to it tomorrow. I’m just hoping it doesn’t run quite as long as it did today.

Despite being on the call all day, I did get some productive stuff done. I processed and submitted a bunch of rodeo photos to my editor, and during the lulls in the proceedings I managed to go through my essay several times and get it submitted. With it done, I have around six weeks to get my next assignment done and write my final exam.

The last assignment looks like it’s going to be pretty heavy, but I’m feeling a hell of a lot better about things than I was before today.

This evening, after supper I headed over to the church and filmed our acting pastor’s weekly devotional video. We normal film on Friday mornings, but due to the proceedings I am covering I had to make a switch. The plan is to get it edited and put up first thing tomorrow before the festivities start again.

Unfortunately, due to being at the laptop all day, I never did get a chance to finish the lawn off, or get any exercise, but I am feeling accomplished none the less. I’m definitely feeling tired today, but then again it has been a long day.

Mentally, aside from chastising myself that I didn’t get moving a bit more, I’m feeling good. Relaxed even. After I got home from doing the filming I even kicked back on the couch for a bit with Lynn and watched a couple episodes of Castle. We ended up borrowing the sixth season from the library.

I’m looking forward to getting out of the house on Saturday. The Stettler car club is hosting it’s annual drag races this weekend. This years event is closed to the public due to the pandemic, but I’ve been allowed to go take pictures for the paper, which I am psyched about.


One response to “Long days…”

  1. Sounds like a very busy time,just don’t push yourself beyond your limits!🥰


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