A restful July 1…

Photo by Social Soup Social Media on Pexels.com

Things have been quiet today.

I spent some more time prepping myself for the market tomorrow, and spent some more time unwinding playing Spiderman on the Playstation 4. I think I’ve nearly completed the game, but it’s definitely been a fun one to play. The developers, Insomniac Games, outdid themselves with what they produced and I fear they made it tough to match.

I’m definitely grateful for the quieter days since things have been so busy for the month of June. Unfortunately, with summer here and the pandemic not going anywhere I fear that summer is going to be significantly slower this year than is the norm. However, a slower summer could be good, to give me time to really focus on my studies and finish off my next course. As of today I have eight weeks left to finish the two assignments and write the final exam, which shouldn’t be an issue.

Physically, the shoulder continues to heal. It has a dull ached going through the joint, however it is bugging me less now than before I went in for the injection, so I am considering the procedure to be somewhat of a success. The only time I get any significant pain in the joint at the moment is when I move it through the extreme edges of my range of motion. That said, I do have full range of motion back in the joint, so I will handle a little discomfort.

Mentally, I continue to rebound. The day of rest has been beneficial, and I’m looking forward to going to the fireworks tonight, provided the weather continues to cooperate. I’m hoping to try my hand at fireworks photography, as much for myself as for the newspaper. Despite the fact that the fatigue continues to hold on to me, it feels like it is loosening it’s grip, and I’m beginning to feel like I have slightly more energy.

I still have a lot going on in my life, between school, work, my photography, and my mental health recovery, but I know I can manage it all, it’s just a matter of managing my time, which is something I’m getting better at.


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