Sometimes doing nothing is doing something…

Today hasn’t been a great mental health day.

My moods and energy level have definitely been low, and I have been having a hell of a time managing to get anything done. My ambition has just ben gone.

I have a couple stories for work that I need to write and I just haven’t been able to focus enough to write them.Nor have I worked on my creative writing project since before my sojourn up to my sisters place. As far as my sisters place goes, I still have to get those photos processed and up on my website for her. The work never seems to end.

I can’t get completely down on myself though, because even as crappy as I’ve been feeling, I still did manage to get some stuff done, namely picking up groceries for supper and getting my office cleaned up, because it was honestly starting to look like my bookshelf puked all over the place in here.

No, struggling today hasn’t been ideal, especially when I have productive things that I need to get done; but, sometimes doing nothing is doing something. If your body and mind are worn out to the point that things are starting to fall by the wayside, it’s a good indicator that you need to take a break, so that’s what I did. I let myself play some Playstation. I took a nap. I let myself be productive in other ways.

I just hope that some rest breaks me out of this funk so I can get some work done tomorrow. I know I’ve been here before, and I know I’ve gotten through this before. Still the fact that these symptoms are starting to reappear is definitely something that I ‘m going to have to keep an eye on.


One response to “Sometimes doing nothing is doing something…”

  1. You’ve been too busy for quite some time,we have a saying we need a mental health day every now and then!we take a break do something we enjoy and find that our energy returns!take care!you can do this!👍👍😍


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