Waking up functional…

Today wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but it was still productive none-the-less.

I started the morning doing some telephone interviews for a story I’m working on, then it was off to the store for the day. The store was quiet, but I did manage to get some creative writing done.

I attempted to work on the next essay that I have to do, but I continue to struggle with it. I know I’m over thinking it, and I just need to get the damn thing done. That said, a friend suggested that I step away for a couple days, and just relax. I’ve got enough other stuff on the go that sounds reasonable. I’m home again Saturday, so I will aim to look at it with fresh eyes at that time.

This afternoon I wrote a couple of tests for the photoshop and photography courses I am working on. I’m definitely enjoying those courses, and I am definitely learning a lot about photoshop. When I get a chance to work on some more projects I will share them here.

Fitness wise, I’ve managed to track a workout for the last fourteen days straight, which is definitely an improvement of where I used to be. I’m thinking tomorrow is going to be a recovery day though, so no workout. I need to give my body a chance to recover. I’m not unhappy with the progress I’m making though. When I started on the treadmill routine again a couple weeks ago I was doing just over a mile. In the last couple weeks I have extended that to just under two, and I’m definitely feeling better for it.

Mentally, today was a bit better than yesterday. The frustration with my university course is definitely wearing on me though, as is the difficulty I’m having getting my butt out of bed in the mornings. I was trying to shift my wakeup time earlier, to seven o’clock, as a stepping stone to get myself back to waking up at six and working out first thing, however I tried a few mornings of seven, and I just can’t get myself functional. I’d wake up, then fall asleep in my chair for an hour before actually waking up for the day. So, instead of pushing a bad situation, I’m skipping out the middle part and just setting my alarm for later. I may not be getting up as early as I would like, but at least when I’m getting up I’m functional.

Tomorrow is going to be split between the store and the church. I’ve been videoing the acting pastors’s weekly devotionals over the last few weeks, then doing the editing down at the store. Then, when I’m done editing Lynn uploads it to the church Facebook page. I’ve definitely enjoyed doing it, but I’m also looking forward to things getting back to some semblance of normal.


One response to “Waking up functional…”

  1. You’re doing good but don’t overdue,take a mental health day of just relaxing,we all need breaks to refresh,take care!😍


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