Bad, but productive day…

Today was the first bad day I’ve had in awhile.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been drained all day. I had a tough time getting myself out of bed this morning, and it wasn’t until this evening when my mind settled enough to actually do some writing.

Still the day wasn’t a complete write off. I finished the lawn, finally, and I took a bit of downtime this afternoon. I also forced myself to go downstairs and work out. Lately my workouts on the treadmill have seemingly gone by quickly, however that was not the case today. Today I felt every single minute of the forty-five minutes I did. As an added bonus, I picked up a bit more distance, clocking in 1.97 miles in the time I was walking. That’s a marginal improvement over a few days ago.

And I have to say, the workout helped. It helped calm my mind, though it didn’t help with the over-reaching fatigue that I’ve had all day. All in all, in addition to my workout I wrote two articles for work, did my photography and photoshop classes this morning, and did 750 on my creative writing project, and by the time I head to bed I will squat in just over my step count for the day, so the day wasn’t a complete loss.

Tomorrow I’m working at the bookstore, covering for Lynn while she is at a farmer’s market, and then getting some downtime herself. Outside of the store my main goal for tomorrow is to get some studying down and make some progress on my school assignment, which has stalled. I’m going to tweak my current draft a bit more before I decide if I’m going to scrap it or not. If I do scrap it, I have a couple ideas for what to write about for one of the other topics, but it’s gonna be pain in the ass starting from scratch, but what can you do. I am just not loving what I have written so far.


One response to “Bad, but productive day…”

  1. You are still doing great but everyone can have an off day,tomorrow will be better,take care you’re doing great!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯°


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