Today was a productive day.

I started the day by doing a run up to Alliance to grab pet food for Taffy and Rolo. When I got home from that, I headed straight into the backyard and -nearly- finished the mowing the back yard. I would have had it all done, but we got rain yesterday afternoon which ended up making the lawn wet, taking more power to cut. It’s one of the few downsides of owning an electric mower.

After finishing with the lawn, I did some weed whacking around the property then headed inside.

This afternoon, I spent a couple of hours working on my next assignment for school. I have to say, I’m not loving it. Part of me is considering abandoning this project, and picking another of the available topics for the paper. That said, I’m also being obstinate and not wanting to give up on what I’ve done so far. Either way, I need to get a move on on the assignment because the clock is ticking. Being the beginning of June, I need to make some headway on the assignment before I find myself running out of time. I’m still aiming to have it submitted near the end of this week, but I’ll have to play that one by ear.

After I finished up my schoolwork for the day I headed downstairs and managed to get a solid workout in. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve slowly been stretching out my endurance. My pace is slowly picking up as well, but it is not where I would like it to be. Distance wise, I’m doing just under two miles in 45 minutes, which isn’t terrible, but definitely has room for improvement. I’m still not doing weights because the shoulder continues to be temperamental, though on the bright side I’ve been booked in for another injection in two weeks time. In addition to the cortisone shot, this time the doctor has also referred me for a shot directly into the bursae in the right shoulder, however they are unable to do both injections on the same day, so that particular one will be in approximately one month’s time. I’m just hoping that the injection helps for as long as it did last time again. By the time everything is said and done, it will be around eight months between injections, which isn’t bad, considering that minimum interval is three months.

After I finished up my workout I grabbed a shower then headed back into the office. I’ve managed another 750 words on my novel project. I’ve been managing that for just about a week straight, and I am quite happy with the progress I’ve been making. It’s amazing how much progress can be made when time is dedicated to a project.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. The schedule for one of my meetings has been changed to tomorrow afternoon, so tomorrow morning I am going to be doing coursework for my photography and graphic design courses, followed by my meeting in the afternoon, plus writing up the meeting notes afterward.

Mentally, I’m feeling tired, but accomplished. My days lately have been focused, and I am feeling good. I’m happy about the progress I’m making on my creative writing project. My university course is frustrating me, but it’s not supposed to be easy, and I am making progress regardless. Even things between Lynn and I are going well. I’ve been able to make time most evenings to spend some time with her. Things in life definitely feel like they are firing on all cylinders.

Still, I know that things can change, and in my life they can change quick. That said, I am probably feeling more normal now than I have at any time in the last few years, and that feels great.


One response to “Productivity…”

  1. Keep on keeping on my friend!
    Never give up on an opportunity to learn no matter if there are times it seems very difficult because once you master it and succeed, you will have another notch to place on your victory belt!!
    Been there. Figured it wasn’t worth the effort but the taste of victory over it is sweet!
    I am so proud of your efforts and the road you are successfully travelling !


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