This morning Lynn and I were up and out a bit earlier than normal, to pick up a new A-frame that we are going to repurpose for the store, because the one down there is too small and light for the task.

After we got back from that, I logged into my free webinar I found online talking about starting a photography business in these trying times. The facilitator was trying to sell attendees one of her coaching packages as part of it, but other than that the session was good. I got a few bits of food for thought out of it, including some stuff I can piggy back off the marketing challenge that Lynn and I are currently participating in, her with the bookstore and myself with the photography.

After the Webinar finished up, I grabbed lunch, then headed out to the garage. I managed to get my bike down from the hangers, mainly using my left arm because my right shoulder still hurts like heck, especially when reaching above shoulder level, and got it’s tires aired up and ready for the season. I ended up using it to run an errand for Lynn, and I am thoroughly disturbed at how bad I was wheezing during one stretch, still it felt good getting out. When I got back home I didn’t even attempt to get it back in it’s hanger though. I figured my arm was bugging me enough as was.

This afternoon was back at the keyboard, working on the second half of the summary assignment for school. I now have the two paragraphs for the unit complete, I just need to let them sit for a couple days before editing prior to submission.

This evening I watched the Masked Singer with Lynn, then headed into the office to work on a video for todays Marketing Challenge assignment.

Tomorrow is going to be another busier day, with an interview lined up for tomorrow morning sometime, an appointment with Dr. M around 1330, then a trip into Stettler. Tomorrow night I’m doing an online photography workshop on the topic of wildlife and action shots.

Mentally I’m feeling a bit better than a few days ago, though I’m still struggling. Mainly I’m just tired and finding it hard to remain motivated with much. Still, I am maintaining.


One response to “Maintaining…”

  1. Take care,just don’t overdo!youre doing great!


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