Found the cows, they’re at home…

Despite struggling to get motivated this morning, today was a pretty successful day.

I managed to get an article written for work before lunch, then headed into the back country near where I live to do some exploring.

The terrain in this area never ceases to amaze me. We have everything from flat prairie to coulees to actual river valley all within a fifteen minute drive of where I live.

The shot above is a panorama I stitched together using Adobe’s Lightroom. I’ve really been working on it’s features and capabilities lately. A few days ago I did some shooting south of town and worked on creating a High Dynamic Range image.

The image to the left is actually a composite of three pictures, each taken at different exposure levels, then merged in Lightroom so that all the elements come out evenly exposed.

I’m blown away at how dry it is out in the country. It seems like we’ve jumped from winter straight to summer, forgetting about spring. The dust was actually kind of brutal.

After I got home, I grabbed a shower, then when Lynn got home we took part in an online entrepreneurial course. Tomorrow is looking like it’s going be another full office day, as I still have a couple stories to catch up for work.


2 responses to “Found the cows, they’re at home…”

  1. Sounds like a full day!


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