Aside from helping out at the store for a bit at the store and mining a recording of an interview for information, today was pretty boring.

It doesn’t help matters any that I was in a grumpy mood today either. It just seemed like every little thing was wearing on my nerves. However, not everyday can be a stellar day.

I did go through an hour-forty-five of audio making notes which has given me the info I need to get a couple of stories done for the paper. That will be my project for tomorrow.

One bright spot of today is I did pick up a photo/design job on the side. I need to design a 4-5 photo collage for a customer of photos I’ve previously taken. Suffice it to say, I’m happy about picking up the job.

I had a chat with my family doctor today, and she wants me to be talking to either her or the psychiatrist on a weekly basis, just due to the extra stress and anxiety that’s going on due to the pandemic, work, etc. Emotionally, I’m grateful for the support. Logically, with having appointments with M, and the new person, it almost seems like overkill, but I won’t complain.

I should hopefully be talking to Dr. M next week again, and I talk to M again on Friday.

Overall, despite the grumpy day, I know I’m doing okay. My sugars are under control, my blood pressure is under control, and my emotions are under control. I know I can’t ask for much else.

Still, it’s hard. It’s tiring, continually having to check my emotions, and figure out if what I am feeling is valid or over the top. Yet, I’m continuing to improve and grow. I just need to keep reminding myself of that, especially when the bad days happen.


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