Holding together…an update on me

With all this doom and gloom over Sirius’ diagnosis, I really haven’t done an update on me for a few days.

I’d be lying if I said I was doing just fine.

My anxiety has been crawling up over the last few weeks with the real-world events that have been happening, and finding out about Sirius definitely has not helped calm that anxiety any.

However, I am back into the swing of things with my workout program, and have been managing to do around an hour a day of exercise for the last few days.

I’m back into my old routine, doing one day of cardio and stretching only, and the next I’m back into the weight routine that the kinesiologist helped me put together.

That’s the good, unfortunately there is not so good along with that. My sugars are way too high, even on the increased dose of Metformin I am on, and instead of going down, my resting heart rate has started climbing instead of dropping. On the plus side my blood pressure is maintaining with the meds I’m on, but I’m wondering if it may be getting too low and my heart rate is increasing to compensate.

I’m going to track everything for the next few days, and I’m supposed to see my doctor again in a couple weeks, so hopefully when I have some solid numbers for her we can work out a plan going forward, and in the meantime, I’m hoping these abnormal numbers are due to the fact that I’m hitting the workout again after an absence, and that the numbers will settle within a few days.

Mentally, I’m okay. Not bad. Not great, but okay. The pandemic that we are living through right now is concerning me, and causing me anxiety. Things are shut down all over the place, and the news cycle is a 24/7 bombardment of bad. Combining that with the news about Sirius, the fact that Dr. M at the centre still hasn’t returned my call from last Monday, and my physical health concerns…I’m actually amazed I’m holding together as well as I am.


One response to “Holding together…an update on me”

  1. Take care,you can do this,right now is so depressing with the whole world!I think we are all suffering from cabin fever,spring hurry up!🌻🌼🌸🌺


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