Updated!!!An update on Lynn…

So, it’s official, Lynn’s liver issues have passed right past zebra status to freaking unicorn.

We went to Red Deer on Mar. 10 for an appointment with a liver surgical specialist. We were hoping for more answers than we had before, but unfortunately there are none. The good news is the surgeon didn’t think that an immediate surgical intervention was required, however, he also didn’t know what to suggest. He is actually taking Lynn’s case to a case conference in conference to talk over with his colleagues to see if they have any thoughts, or have seen anything like Lynn is presenting.

The good news is that aside from the fatigue, Lynn has had little in the way of symptoms for this issue, and the doctor did not have an immediate concern, though with her bloodwork continuing to be erratic, though they seem to be going back to normal. He is all for putting together a plan of attack for moving forward, if required.

As of now there is no change, however he did tell us that he would notify Lynn once he had the opportunity to present to the conference of liver specialists, and we’ll meet again after that.

We were hoping for some answers out of the appointment, however it was not meant to be.


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