Early Morning Peace…

I always forget how much I enjoy the predawn quiet in the house.

Lately I haven’t even been setting an alarm, because it didn’t seem to matter what I tried, I couldn’t talk myself into getting out of bed, and as a result I’ve been sleeping in later and later.

With my schedule being kind of nuts this week, I decided to try getting up early again so I can get a workout in before I start my day.

My alarm went off at 6 a.m, and in a switch I didn’t just snooze my way through it. I laid in bed for a couple minutes before getting up.

I stumbled into the kitchen to get a pot of coffee on, then headed to my fitness studio to get a treadmill workout in.

My workout this morning was a one-mile low intensity workout that saw my heart rate hovering around 125-130. I think that for the next week or two I will try and focus on low intensity training just to get back into things.

I’m going to try making a 6 a.m. wake up a part of my regular routine, at least for the next little while. Yes, it’s early and dark, but there is something to be said for the pre-dawn quiet of the house. Besides, I always feel so much better when I do get up and get going in the morning, despite the struggle I have with myself a lot of the time.

There is no way to describe the peace I feel within when I do manage to get up early. I feel good knowing that I’ve gotten up gotten a start on my day when a number of people are still waking up themselves.

Today, my busy week hits high gear. I have an early meeting this morning, then when I clear that Lynn and I are off to Red Deer for an appointment for her.

I start my ride-along tomorrow morning, and sometime in the next day or two I need to write up and submit these meetings to my editor. Good times.

Thanks for following along.


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