Despite the best of intentions, everyone can lose sight of their goals sometimes.

Throw in mental health struggles, and the very effort of survival can throw goals a little off course, or right out of sight.

Thinking about the last few weeks, I can see that despite the forward progress I’ve continued to make, that progress has been slowed because I’ve lost sight of my long term goals. Even my short term goals I have been stumbling through, from open to another.

I need to dial in on my short to long term plans again, and set myself a blueprint for obtaining them, instead of this stumbling around.

All the areas of my life have been affected by this loss of focus, though one area in particular has been taken the biggest beating: my fitness level.

I have my step count set for 8,000 steps a day, and to be honest, most days I haven’t been hitting that, let alone the 10 to 12,000 a day I was doing last year. As a result my weight has climbed, and the sedentary lifestyle has been causing medical issues with my hypertension and blood sugars.

I’ve had a continual goal of weight loss, but it hasn’t been specific. I’ve let myself get so busy with everything else in life that I haven’t been putting in the work. Basically, I’ve been cruising on auto-pilot. That has to change.

I can have a life where I can be busier with work, and school, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I don’t need to drop tons and tons of weight, but I do need to drop some, and get myself back into a a healthy routine, that includes watching my portion sizes, the amount I snack, and getting myself back down into my weight room on a regular basis.

It’s frustrating, because it feels like I am starting over from scratch, and in some ways I am, however, I know I can do this. I did it before, and with the weather getting nicer I don’t see why I can’t start building my step count again, as well as doing my work and school.

It’s time to refocus and get things done.


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