Movie Review: 1917 (No Spoilers)

I was invited along to check out the movie “1917” with some of the guys from church on Wednesday night.

I’d seen a couple of trailers for the movie, and they didn’t really grab me, but I figured I’d go along with the guys. I am glad I did.

The movie is set during the height of World War One, in -as you may have guessed- 1917. Two soldiers are sent on mission to reach another unit that is about to stumble into an ambush, and present a letter from a general to the unit major ordering him to stand down his attack.

The cinematography in the movie is absolutely incredible, as well as incredibly unique. At the movies start the camera picks up the two main characters, and is on one or both of them through the entire movie.The editing on the movie is so clean that the movie seems like it was filmed in one continuous take.

I don’t know that the film is one I would want to see again, but I am definitely glad that I received the invite to go. I would definitely recommend the film for anyone who is a fan of war movies, as well as anyone interested in a very unique cinematic experience.


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