Time, effort, and consistency acclimatizing into my new routine.

This week has definitely been much slower paced than the few weeks previous. This isn’t a bad thing.

Since I’ve been home from Saskatchewan I’ve been acclimating myself to my new routine at home. It has not been without it’s challenges.

I’m finding that getting up and moving earlier in the morning is helping a lot with my moods. I’m calmer and feeling much more relaxed. The down side is when the alarm goes off in the morning, I have about 10 seconds worth of cognition with which to get myself up, and if I don’t I’ll fall back asleep pretty quickly causing me to sleep in. That’s where the self-discipline comes in.

This morning I failed in that effort. My alarm went off at 6 a.m. the way it usually does, and I snoozed it, and didn’t get up right away. Next thing I know my second alarm is going off an hour later. I managed to get up with that alarm and carried on my day, but it is frustrating. Thankfully those incidents are not the norm.

I did still head downstairs and got a workout in to start my day, which I was happy about. With the intermittent working out that I’ve been doing through the fall and winter I have definitely fallen quite a ways from where I was last summer. However, I managed to keep at it before and I surely can again. It’s just going to take some time, effort, and consistency. Additionally, being completely fair to myself, I did workout through January, just not with any regularity, and this new regime I have been on for less than a week. I know it will take some time to show results.

I’ve written before about how I’ve been having trouble finding the motivation to keep at a fitness regime long term. That is still the case, however a video I watched the other night turns the idea of motivation upside down.

The video discussed how motivation and discipline are important, but how if one is able to maintain the discipline the motivation will come. Comment was also made that as people we can’t be continually motivated twenty-four hours a day, and that some days are going to suck. Keeping up the discipline without the motivation is hard work, however reframing motivation and discipline in this way makes the early mornings easier to swallow.

Something else I am working on keeping in mind is that just because I overslept by an hour this morning doesn’t mean I failed. For starters, I probably needed the rest, and secondly, I was still up with my second alarm, which is still earlier than I had been getting up previously. I still got up and got my workout in. The alarm remains set, and tomorrow is a new day.

I’m appreciative of this week being slower than the last few weeks. It’s giving me time to study and to settle into the new routine. The goal still remains to be under 250lbs by the beginning of March, and I am currently well on my way to meeting that goal. This week being slow is allowing me to get conditioned to the new routine, and get some studying in for my course.

My final assignment got submitted a couple days ago and my final exam is booked for just after my birthday. My first course is winding down, and I’ve already registered for the second, which is set to begin March first.

Next week is set to pick up again, and hopefully when it does I should be able ease into a good, balanced, work, school and home schedule.


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