Kicking ass in the short term

Mentally, I’m struggling a bit.

I’m not tumbling into a full-on depression, but I’m definitely feeling fatigued. My motivation has been next to non-existent, and I’m having a hard time engaging with activities, such as my fitness regime.

That said, I’ve been steady with work, with some new opportunities on the horizon, and I’ve been working on my photography business. Unfortunately, both my school and my fitness have fallen by the way side.

I still have plenty of time with my schooling, and will be taking my school stuff with me when I head to Saskatchewan later this week.

The only puzzle I don’t have a solution for right now is my fitness. I’ve set alarms, I’ve tried to find the motivation to get up early, to make the time to work out, but my bed has just been too warm and comfortable. During the day I have enough odds and ends going on that I have found it hard to carve out the time.

I’ve found it hard to make the time, and I’m paying the price for it. My blood pressure is inching ever higher, and my sugars are still at least a full point higher than they should be in the mornings.

I know what I need to do. I know how to do it. I just don’t know how to make myself do it, and that has got to change before the lack of motivation takes a real impact on my body.

For the short term, I need to look toward getting through the next five days, then I have a couple days of rest and study in Saskatchewan before coming home. No solution I can implement until at least then, so that’s where I’m going to focus. Get through and kick-ass in the short term, and then go from there.


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