The thrill of the hunt, and an update

Christmas is out of the house for another year.

After church and lunch today, Lynn and I hunkered down at home, and got our tree taken down, and everything back into storage. Today seemed as good a day as any considering the mercury was sitting at -35C once wind chill was factored in.

I don’t mind winter, but this brutal cold our entire region is undergoing is undergoing is getting ridiculous, with more to come. Looking at the forecast, Tuesday looks like it’s going to be the worst, with a high of -31C, before windchill. It appears that this week is going to be a good one to do some reading and writing, because I am not going to be venturing any further out of the house than I absolutely have to.

This week looks like it’s going to be pretty average. I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow afternoon, then one of the councils I cover tomorrow night. Tuesday, I have my other council I cover, then another appointment this time in Stettler. Later in the week I have a couple of odds and ends, but not a lot going on.

My seventh assignment for school has been submitted, and I’m waiting to get the results back. Other than that, I’m shifting into exam study mode. My goal is to book my final exam for mid February. That means I need to get on the writing of my next, and final, assignment.

As far as other extra-curricular activities, I am well underway in designing the light and sound program for our theatre performance which is coming up towards the end of February. For a small AV role in the play, it’s definitely turned into a bigger scope than I was anticipating. I’m not complaining. I love the challenge of finding the different sound clips and merging them together into a form we can use for the presentation.

I’m feeling better now that I’m getting more productive again. I know I wasn’t feeling well over the holidays, and my work suffered for it. There was two events that I should have covered, but didn’t, because I was just feeling blah. I didn’t care, and the thing is, that’s not me. I was letting myself get sucked into the bog of my mental health issues. However, since I’ve been making an effort to push myself again, getting back into the gym more regularly, and getting proper sleep, I’ve been feeling better. I’m still sleeping in later than I would like, but one problem at a time.

The fact that I’m feeling better is showing up in multiple avenues in my life. First and foremost, people are commenting on it. They have seen me at my worst, and they have seen me on the upswing. Beyond that, I’m feeling it on the inside again. I ‘m getting caught up in the thrill of the hunt when I’m working on my stories. The essays for school are coming easier. In general I’m feeling much more at peace in my own mind and body. Finally, I’m noticing it in my gaming.

There is a direct correlation between my mental health and my gaming. The worse my mental health gets, the more time I spend on my console. When I am not doing so hot mentally, my Playstation time climbs to 20-30+hours per week. When I am doing better that drops significantly, like into single digit territory.

Now that I am on the mend again, I hope this damn weather warms up sooner rather than later.


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