Changes and growth

Yesterday, I got the news I was expecting, but still don’t like.

H confirmed that yesterday was our last appointment “for now.”

He told me that the guy he was replacing is coming back later this month, although as far as he knows he is actively trying to get a position in Red Deer, and H feels confident that if that were to happen he will be back in Stettler sooner or later.

Even though I knew this was coming down the pike, I can’t say I like it. I feel like we were making some good progress. He did what he could to assure me that the new-old guy is very similar to himself, and that we should connect well, and if we don’t, I can always request to be connected to someone else. If only I knew that when I was seeing my previous counsellor at the clinic…

Something else H and I talked about during our final session is the concerns I have with our government’s impending “rebuild” of Alberta Health Services. I am finally in a position where I feel like I’m well supported, with people who know me, and I’m concerned that funding will be pulled, resulting in me losing the support and ending back into my old cycles of emergent hospital admissions.

H didn’t feel that is a concern for me, because I am what he considers a “success story” for the appropriate utilization of services. He figures that it’s cheaper for the services to keep me supportive with monthly appointments and the short pre-emptive admissions than it is to let me cycle wildly requiring longer in-patient interventions. I have to admit, his view point made sense, however considering what’s happened so far, I’m definitely wary of the the government doing the “right” thing.

Otherwise, yesterday went fairly well. I did some running around in Stettler before my appointment, then headed home, covered the store for an hour, then had theatre practise last night. This year’s play is going to be awesome. I have a very limited role in AV this year, but it is still going to be a good time.

I still haven’t made the opportunity for myself to go out shooting lately, though that is something I am going to have to change soon. It will be good to get some more recent photos up on my web-page and Instagram feed, though I have started posting to Instagram more frequently already, in an effort to get my name and brand awareness more widely known.


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