Today was a somewhat busy day.

Being Friday, it was my day to cover the store. it wasn’t overly busy, but it was steady. It did provide plenty of opportunity to get my next assignment edited and submitted. Five down, three to go.

After I finished at the store, Lynn met me for supper, and then we loaded up the explorer for the pop-up sale that Lynn is doing under the bookstore banner.

When we finally made it home, I got Lynn settled in bed as she’s been feeling unwell. We are still no closer to having any answers as to what is going on with her liver. I just know that the doctor is getting concerned because her enzyme levels continue to be all over the map, and different ones are starting to get involved. The specialist and Dr. O have been talking, and have come up with a plan of attack for the time being, and I understand that he is referring her to another specialist in Edmonton for another look at things.

I’m definitely worried about Lynn. Between Brenda passing and the medical issues she”s having, 2019 has not been a kind year. I’m doing what I can to take some of the burden off her, but I am having to do my own thing as well. I’ve been reintroducing self care into my day, and have been working on backing off my schedule. The thing is, if I don’t look after myself, I’ll be no good to either of us, and the fact of the matter is Lynn needs me healthy and strong right now.

To that end, I’m continuing to make sure I’m getting my rest. I’m stealing 20 minutes here or there to recalibrate and reset, playing my games, looking through a photo mag, or reading. Finally, I’ve managed to make some treadmill time a regular daily habit again.

Today was day five back on the treadmill, and I am truly amazed at how adaptive the human body is. I’ve been easing back into the routine, twenty minutes the first day, and slowly things have been picking up. My pace has already improved considerably even in the few days. Muscle memory is amazing. The body remembers.

I’m hoping to keep the daily treadmill routine going for another couple days, then start bringing the weights back into the routine starting on Monday. That will give me a solid week of loosening up and conditioning before I tack on the other stuff. The short term goal is to get back into doing three days a week weights, and at least same 30 minutes cardio. I’m really trying to force myself to count my calories again with the Fitbit app, but for the moment that has not been going so well. That said, I am trying to make some smarter choices where it comes to what I eat. One step at a time.

I do have to say, getting onto the treadmill again has definitely helped relax me. My brain, is starting to slow down again, which is not a bad thing. I’ve been having some days lately where the brain has been racing like the Tasmanian devil from looney toons, on speed, having drank a pot of coffee…..That makes for fun days…

I’ve definitely been feeling more settled and calmer since I’ve been back at it. I just need to keep at it.

As part of my self-care I was supposed to go to a local community play with some friends, however with Lynn not feeling well I gave up my ticket, and am going to help her with her pop-up shop tomorrow in Stettler. Sunday I have a couple small events in town to take a few pictures at, but Sunday is overall going to be quiet.

Aside from an appointment with M on Monday, I have nothing going on, and I am doing my best to keep it that way. I’ve had Monday and Tuesday booked off for awhile, and I am doing my best to keep them off. Again, I’m starting to focus on some self-care.


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  1. Good for you take care,keeping you both in our prayers.🙏🙏🙏😘


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